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Khalsa Kirpan - Midnight Blue Kirinite

Brand: Khalsa Kirpans

Please select 'Special Delivery' when ordering to ensure this item is tracked & insured. The beautiful Kirinite range of Khalsa kirpans. This particular kirpan is in Midnight Blue. In over 35 years of designing and fabricating knives, swords and Kirpans, we've never been able to create any Kirpans so affordably which offer the elegant sophistication and natural beauty of these new designs. We are very grateful to be able to offer you six exquisite options at not much more than our standard Artisan Kirpans. Mosaic natural shell Artisan Kirpans - in Large and Compact sizes, that are strikingly dressy and simple at the same time! Each Kirpan comes with choice of strap, embroidered zipper pouch and 16-page color booklet.